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LULE Headphone Craft
High-end headphones carefully crafted with high-quality various craftsmanship
Water Sticker
A sticker that can only be used after soaking in water. It is a brand-new transfer printing technology that uses water as a carrier to separate the pattern from the backing paper and then transfer it to the substrate to realize the principle of indirect printing.
Feel Oil
Feel oil adopts high-temperature (low-temperature) vulcanization technology, and is a two-component ink suitable for decoration and protection of silicone surface.
Rubber Oil
Rubber oil is not only a kind of softener, but also makes rubber parts have good affinity. Softening, plasticizing, thickening, reinforcing, anti-aging, these are its main mechanism of action.
Silk Screen
It is the abbreviation of "screen printing". Screen printing is to stretch silk fabrics, synthetic fabrics or wire mesh on the screen frame, and adopts the method of manual engraving paint film or photochemical plate-making to make screen printing forme. Modern screen printing technology is to use photosensitive materials to make screen printing plates by means of photographic plate making (so that the screen holes of the graphic part on the screen printing plate are through holes, and the scree